So then, if you have not been faithful with iniquitous mammon, who will trust you with what is true?

How we finance our church

The church is managed by the Fabrique d’église, which has several sources of revenues. The most important and stable ones are the following:

  • Rental income
  • Mass collections and donation
  • Income from the placement of the Proximus antenna

Below we provide a historical development of these income categories as well as their structure. While the rental income provides about half of all revenues, mass collections and Proximus antenna cover each about a fifth of annual revenue.

What we spend on

The main task of the Fabrique d’église is to manage the building of the church and the presbytery, and finance everything related to the cult. As spending is more varied, below we provide broad spending groups:

  • Insurance
  • Energy in the church
  • Energy in the presbytery
  • Maintenance: servicing of the organ, bells, extinguishers; cleaning
  • Liturgical celebration: hosts, wine, candles, books 
  • Overhead costs: office supplies, bank fees, webhosting
  • Capital spending: reparations of all the buildings

Average annual spending is distorted a bit by a large investment in 2019 when a hall in the church basement was renovated. With regards to current expenditure, insurance and energy costs constitute the largest items accounting for some 65% of all spending.  

For a more detailed explanation, please see one of our latest financial reports at the bottom of the page.

Financial reports

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