For wherever two or three are gathered in my name, there am I, in their midst.


Currently, there are three communities in our church, offering celebration in three different languages – English, Polish and Slovak.​


The English speaking community is based in St. Anthony’s parish in Kraainem, where most of the activities take place.  Our church thus serves more as a branch. The holly masses are celebrated on Sunday evenings at 19:15. The responsible is currently Father Marceline Suman.


The history of the Slovak-speaking community is connected to the establishment of the Slovak Catholic Mission in Brussels in 2007. Since then the community has established itself well in the church where it carries out all its spiritual activities. The Sunday holly masses are celebrated in Slovak language at 9:30. Since August 2019, the responsible for the mission is Father Marek Sitár.


The Polish community started its celebrations in our church in September 2017.  The Sunday holly mass at 11:30 is dedicated mainly to families with children. The responsible is Father Marian Wojciechowski OP.